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Since 2010, Tongo’s Catering has been serving the film industry as one of major food caterers. We also cater digital shooting, photoshoot and TV commercials. To name a few, here’s our recent “filmography”:

2017 Projects
  • Siargao (Ten17)
  • All of You (Quantum)
  • Loving in Tandem (Star Cinema)
  • Changing Partners (Cinema One)
  • TLS Memoirs of Timog (Blade)
  • Love You to the Stars and Back (Star Cinema)
  • Bloody Crayons (Star Cinema)
  • Can We Still Be Friends (Star Cinema)
  • Dear Other Self (Star Cinema)
  • Luck At First Sight (Viva Films)
  • My Exes and Whys (Star Cinema)
  • Ilawod (Quantum Films)

2018 Projects
  • Spirits (IWant/Row1)
  • Mary, Marry Me (Ten17)
  • Hintayan ng Langit (QCinema)
  • Kung Paano Siya Nawala (TBA)
  • Hospicio (Cinema One)
  • Exes Baggage (Black Sheep)
  • Kusina Kings (Star Cinema)
  • Goyo: And Batang Heneral (TBA)
  • Mga Mister Ni Rosario (CineFilipino)
  • My Fairy Tail Love Story (Ideafirst)
  • Sin Island (Star Cinema)
  • Ang Pambansang Third Wheel (Ideafirst)

2019 Projects
  • Hello Love Goodbye (Star Cinema)
  • Alone/Together (Black Sheep/Project 8)
  • Cuddle Weather (Regal Films/Project 8)
  • The Bagman (iWant/Rein Entertainment)
  • Jhon en Martian (iWant/Project 8)
  • Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon (TBA Studio)
  • Exit Point (Ricketts Production)
  • Hush (iWant/Indigital)
  • Touch Screen (iWant/Indigital)
  • Orbiters (Cignal/Ideafirst)
  • Feels Like Forever (Cignal/Ideafirst)
  • Mga Mata Sa Dilim (iWant/Wingate)
Coming Soon
  • Lucid (Cinema One/Project 8)
  • G! LU! (ALV Films/Rein Entertainment)
  • Mannilenials (Spring Films)
  • Deadkids (Globe Studios)
  • Fuffy & Fream (Spring Films)
  • Fangirl (Epicmedia/Project 8)
  • Quezon's Game Documentary (ABS-CBN)
  • Sunod (Ten17p)
  • The Mall, The Merrier (Star Cinema)
  • Hook (TINCANp/Ten17p)

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